Localisation: Stonemasons Green, Dublin, IE
Date: 2010
Area: 4500m2

‘Learning and Landscape’ is a project of Primary School located in the suburbia of Dublin city. The brief for this school has been extended by kindergarten unit and special care unit – for children in difficult family circumstances.

Initial idea + research: amoeba extending its pseudopods (top) , studies on functional organization of the school building (bottom)

Pedestrian paths leading to the school run along the car route, but at some point they become independent lines reaching the building. The paths’ surface changes gradually from soft net with grass in between to cement/granite cobble stones in the area close to the entrance to the building.
Gardens surrounding the building have not been ‘defined’ or ‘constrained’ with any hard material. The only ‘pre-organized’space is the main courtyard, where a net of paths connects (externally) main hall with other spaces. This web of paths forms also a sort of playground, a labyrinth among the trees, bushes and walls of the building.

Pictures above (starting from the top): the example of didactic space (section through typical classroom), a model of the entrance to the building juxtaposed with the sketch of the same space seen from different perspective,  drawing of section through the building.