Localisation: Nowy targ, Wrocław, PL
Date: 2013
Area: 10 000m2 + przestrzenie parkingowe

Historical neighbourhood of the site had a big influence on the form of the project – rusty net facade refers to adjacent red brick neo-gothic architecture (St.Katarzyna Church and St.Wojciech Church), emphasized openings in the net are directed towards historic buildings around the site. Coloristically accented shop fronts in the ground level were surmounted with the cornice to repeat principle of forming historic buildings of city council.

The views from the two office floors (third and fourth floor) were directed onto significant landmarks of Wroclaw’s panorama – St.Katarzyna’s Church, greek-catholic cathedral, corner of National Museum, St.Wojciech Church. This small manipulation allowed additional amount of natural light in the office corridors. Also effect of “framing of the view” has been gained.

The mall is formed around asymmetrical atrium, roofed with distorted, geodesic–like structure, which allows light in the main communication area. Shops in the commercial part of the building were organized the same way as crystals in geode are arranged – which means that shops are radiating from the empty centre towards the external walls of the building.

One of the main aims was to create a mall, that does not turn back from the street, therefore ground-floor-based boutiqus and restaurant can be accessed through independent entrances. Also a public space was arranged in front of the main entrance to attract passers-by.

Above: Communication within the office space, plan of the ground floor, drawing of section through the building.