Localisation: Krzyki, Wrocław, PL
Date: 2012
Area: 40,5m2
Investor: private

The NEST project is the design of a one-bedroom apartment (41m2), located in the southern part of the city of Wrocław, in Poland. The main idea behind this project was to maximise the functionality of this space, whilst creating a mobile composition, adjustable to its user’s needs.

Pictures (from the top): view on the bed platform, one of the store-rooms, alternative use of the platform.

The platform built in the bedroom is actually multi-functional furniture. It can be used both as a base for the bed, but also, when needed, it can become the base for a table and chairs or for a cradle. At the same time, another double bed can be slid from underneath the platform into the living space (which is a room behind the wall).

Except for an additional bed, the platform hides three storage rooms and a radiator pocket.

The kitchen island is another movable element. When the additional space is needed the wheels at the bottom of the island can be unblocked and the cupboard can be easily relocated. Pictures (from the top): scheme of the bed-platform, sliding bed opening on to the living room, dining-living room interior, dining and kitchen space – movable kitchen island.

One of the main challenges was to enhance the quality of light in the apartment. The property faces east and as such, the only direct light available falls in the morning. Otherwise the space could have been quite ‘dull’. For this reason the decision was to use light colours and uniform surfaces, especially in those spaces where the light-penetration is relatively low (like in case of the kitchen and entrance hall). Additionally, using big format mirrors help capture more light. the This “little manipulation” also creates illusion of visually bigger spaces.

Pictures: bathroom interior.