Process Daria Pietryka


The project process – regardless of the size of the enterprise: whether it is a single object (eg. furniture) or a huge scale space – should be organized into a few stages. This helps to control project flow and make work more effective.

From general idea to the last detail.


In the first faze general spatial idea is developed. Draft of every space is prepared together with basic arrangement of the furniture – if the project relates to interior design.

Basic functionality of the space is planned. At the end of this stage we have: basic plans, sections and elevations, sketches, basic 3d model or simple cardboard model.

Style search

We are going deeper into the project, we are searching for language in which the space, building or object will speak. In this faze we will declare atmosphere, character or “distinguishing marks” of the place.

Schemes, more detailed sketches will emerge, more accurate 3d model with specific furniture, materials, colours and textures will be created. Also the list of colours and materials to be included in realization is created.

Detailed working project

We already specified what is been designed, now it’s lime to define how the things should be done. Detailed drawings are prepared containing specifications, dimensions and additional schemes.

Detailed plans, sections and elevations will emerge at the end of this stage. If the undertaking includes project of custom made furniture this is the time when the drawings are prepared.

Supervision of realization process

Supervision is commissioned in case when for example the investor wants the designer oversee important and complicated parts of the project realization, or when it is important for investor that every detail of the project is made exactly how it was designed. Supervision also helps to make construction process more effective, and often quicker.